$97 /month
  • Ability to perform an unlimited number of actions
  • Access to free email and phone numbers for potential clients
  • Ability to import contacts from various sources, including CSV files, Sales Navigator searches, normal searches, groups, post comments, hashtag searches, and events
  • Smart inbox with automatic follow-up capabilities
  • Benefit from all available integrations
  • Dashboard displaying prospect insights, including actions taken, location, and contact information
  • Ability to send group and event messages
  • Contact information for potential clients, including email and phone numbers
  • The option to invite an unlimited number of team members and assign access controls
  • The option to invite an unlimited number of team members and assign access controls
  • The option to delete pending invites
  • Automated reports that can be sent to any number of emails
  • Ability to use a single Sales Navigator account across multiple LinkedIn accounts
  • Automatic birthday wishes to your connections.

Frequently asked questions

You get all of the features.


Yes, up to 1 week. Our intention is for you to experience the value of the product before making a decision. If you would like to extend your trial, please reach out to us and we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

We do not charge you during the trial period. Once your trial is over you will automatically be charged the $197 unless you cancel before your trial is over.

Trials are designed to demonstrate the product's capabilities, in this case, generating leads by reaching out on LinkedIn. To achieve optimal results, we suggest dedicating time, reading our blog posts and contacting support if you encounter any issues. We do not charge you during this time.

Yes, you have the flexibility to change plans at any time and simply pay the difference in pricing.

Yes. You can use as many as you want.