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Engaged Robot is an automation platform for sales that sends connection requests and InMails to 30-50 of your ideal prospects on LinkedIn daily and follows up with them once they connect with you. The consistency of this approach results in an average of 5-10 new replies per day, leading to 5-8 new meetings scheduled per week, all from simply engaging with those who respond.

Getting started with Salesrobot is easy. Simply connect your LinkedIn account and you'll be ready to go in just 2 minutes.

You can import prospects from various sources such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator search results, a regular LinkedIn search, a CSV file, or by direct messaging LinkedIn group members or event attendees. Additionally, you can also connect with individuals who have commented on a specific LinkedIn post.

It is a common concern. To overcome this challenge, Salesrobot offers various features such as automatic InMail messaging to open profiles, sending connection requests via email, and sending direct messages to LinkedIn group members and event attendees at scale.

You can manage multiple LinkedIn accounts, such as client accounts, by adding them in the same way you added your first account.

Yes, you can invite your team members through the "Admin settings" by providing their email addresses.

Can I send GIFs or documents in messages using this tool? You can send any type of file by sharing a link in the message.

Yes, there is a referral program available where you can earn money from referrals made.

Yes, Salesrobot can automatically populate your CRM with leads from LinkedIn that have expressed interest in purchasing.