Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or part of a large team, our features will impress you.

Response rates that are through the roof!

With Engaged Robot, you can achieve high response rates and efficiently manage follow-ups, allowing you to build long-term relationships beyond simple yes or no responses.

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Automated follow-ups can help you save time and maintain consistency.

By using templates for follow-ups, Engaged Robot will remember to follow up with your contacts, whether it's after one day or six months.

Conversations that mimic human interactions.

By using templates for follow-ups, Engaged Robot will remember to follow up with your contacts, whether it's after one day or six months.

A compact single- CRM system.

Keep track of all your conversations in one location, and use tags and advanced filters to identify positive leads.

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A utopia for teams.

As an agency or a strong sales team, we understand your needs. Our features will handle the hard work, allowing you to relax.

A comprehensive overview.

If you manage multiple accounts with similar targeting, it can be beneficial to have all your inboxes, campaigns, and dashboards managed from a single screen. This eliminates the need to repeat the same tasks multiple times.

Invite an unlimited number of users.

There is no additional cost for adding more users. Access can be easily controlled through simple access-based controls.



Easily manage blacklisting at the organizational or client level. When targeting the same prospects across multiple accounts, our system ensures that there are no duplicates.


Prospect pipelines

Eliminate tedious tasks. Simply add prospects once, and our system will automatically run campaigns across multiple accounts while continuously adding new prospects.

Advanced reporting

Create custom emails with statistics at the daily, weekly, or monthly level, and send them to yourself or your clients. You have control over the content, we just deliver it.

Advanced Analytics

Utilize our advanced dashboard features to identify key demographics that have a positive response rate. Use the insights gained to optimize your campaigns.

Highly Customizable

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. You have your own unique strategy and our tool should adapt to it, not the other way around.

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Complete Control

Exercise precise control over when your outreach occurs, even scheduling holidays. Control daily outreach for each step of the process.

Collect Prospects from Various Sources

Our system supports importing prospects from a CSV file, SalesNavigator, LinkedIn Search, Groups, Events, Post messages, Hashtags.


We offer two-way integrations with all CRMs and outreach tools through the use of webhooks.