Our goal is to transform sales pitches into friendly conversations.

LinkedIn is the ideal platform to establish connections and showcase your product authentically through warm conversations.

Our story

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for building connections and promoting your product through natural conversations. Unfortunately, most tools focus on cold emailing on LinkedIn. That's why we created Engaged Robot, to provide the same effectiveness and efficiency, but through real conversations.


The purpose behind all our efforts

We aim to ease the sales process for you and your customers. To achieve this, we plan to utilize Artificial Intelligence to generate a tailored list of potential clients and enable you to communicate with them using automated messages that mimic human interaction. The aim is to eliminate mass spamming, enhancing the overall market.

The principles that guide all of our actions


We are constantly advancing to address the most challenging issues related to real-life AI conversations.


Unlike other companies, we concentrate on furnishing you with the most clear understanding of your outreach progress.

Customer Service

We are renowned for our exceptional customer service and are considered among the best in the industry. Our swift response times are unmatched.


Our goal is for you to benefit from the product entirely. If we cannot meet this objective, we will be more than willing to provide a refund.